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Royal 8 Restaurant and Dim Sum

Royal 8 Restaurant and Dim Sum, latest Chinese Restaurant at Gading Serpong Tangerang is part of our signature JHL Solitaire semi fine dining area which is serving delicious lunch, dinner and cakes all day. Located on the 5th floor with modern surroundings and clean design have been combined to create a harmonious Chinese dining experience. It is the hotel’s innovative semi fine dining restaurant where guests can enjoy Chinese cuisine and offers a wide range of specialties such as Szechuan, Hainan’s, Mongolian, Satay Chicken, BBQ Pork and many more.

Royal 8 could accommodate 250 guests in table setting, including 1 private dining room for 20 persons and also featuring an array of fine cuisines from across the Asian. Following a modern Chinese cooking concept coupled with the spectacular Empress China Bar, the longest bar in town and Introducing an innovative Shanghai Bar concept of "Simply Life". Served to perfection with the finest recipes of beverage using simple and healthy mixing styles, indulge in the concept through an interactive open bar which could accommodate 100 guests.

Hours of Operation


06.00 A.M. – 03.00 P.M.

06.00 P.M. – 12.00 A.M.